The fabulous treasures of Rambouillet park

Hiking advice - The fabulous treasures of Rambouillet park

At the gates of the city, in a calm and forest environment, a plan
of water, a castle, canals await you. Discover the treasures of Rambouillet Park while having fun answering mystery questions.

Hike proposed by the PNR

Hiking Information

  • Difficulty
    • Easy
  • Duration ⌚
    • 2h
  • Range ↔
    • 8km

Description of the hike

For a departure from the Rambouillet SNCF station (exit towards the castle and the city center).
Leaving the SNCF station, turn left and go down to the Hardy bridge. Turn right into rue Chasles and continue your way to place Félix Faure. Cross the street to the entrance gate of the castle park.

You arrive at a body of water called the Rondeau, go around it to the right. Enter the garden by the central path and continue your way along the canal. Here you are in front of the castle.

Exit the garden through the gate, leaving the castle on your right. Continue straight along the double tree-lined driveway. Cross the car park and continue on the opposite lane for about 300 meters. Stop in front of the park gate.

Take the path to the left of the gate and follow the tree-lined path. At the intersection, continue on your right along the paved road. Pass in front of the Faisanderie forest house and continue straight ahead to the pond of the same name. You arrive at the National Sheepfold.

Retrace your steps for about 50 meters then turn right and continue on the dirt road that runs along a wall to the parking lot of the Queen's Dairy.

Cross the roundabout and go through the gate in front of you. Continue straight along the canal and the avenue of trees for about a hundred meters. On your right, you can see the Grotte des amants.

Go around the cave and take the far right path, then take the grassy path that runs along the river. Continue straight ahead.

Cross the stone bridge on your right to reach the Seashell Cottage located on the other side of the river, then retrace your steps by crossing the bridge again and continue straight ahead.

After the second stone bridge, turn right then continue straight. You come to a fork, take the path that climbs to the left up to the Hermitage.

At the intersection, turn left and follow this path for about 1,5 km. Stop for a few moments to admire the view of the castle at the level of the green carpet, then continue along the perimeter wall to a corner of the body of water.

Continue opposite on the path lined with tall trees that runs along the canal. At the end of this driveway, turn right and join the Rondeau lake. Go along it to the right then leave the park by exiting through the gate and return to the town centre. Reach the SNCF station via rue Chasles. 
You arrived !

Trace the fabulous treasures of Rambouillet park

Some photos – the fabulous treasures of Rambouillet park

The fabulous treasures of Rambouillet park
The fabulous treasures of Rambouillet park
The fabulous treasures of Rambouillet park
The fabulous treasures of Rambouillet park