Nature walks

Many nature walks are offered by independent nature guides or associations. Check out the program below.

Park guide walks

Nature walks by Park guides

Solen and Françoise offer commented walks all year round to meet the different faces of the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse: prestigious sites, villages and towns of character, rural landscapes... Circuits for all lovers of nature, landscapes and nature. the story.

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Nature outings - Laurent Chevallier

Nature walks with Laurent Chevallier

Passionate about ornithology, Laurent Chevallier spends most of his free time outdoors with a pair of binoculars around his neck. He is now a member of the validation committee of the naturalist database as well as of the Ile-de-France Regional Approval Committee. They offer nature outings to the four corners of the territory.

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Nature outing Dany Fagot

Nature outings in the forest with Dany Fagot

CERF leader for many years and head of the association's mycology, botany and batrachology groups, Dany Fagot invites you to take you along the paths of the Rambouillet forest to discover mushrooms and wild edible plants...

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Nature walks with CERF78

Throughout the year, CERF activity leaders invite you to discover the Forest of Rambouillet and its inhabitants and offer nature workshops.

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Large Garden Cottage - Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines

Nature workshops and guided tours with Grand Jardin

At Grand Jardin, a regenerative farm inn in the heart of Yvelines, curiosity is anything but a bad thing! Take advantage of our activities and nature outings on the farm: discovery of market gardening and nature visits with our professional and passionate guides! And if you are looking for serenity, take some time for yourself by participating in our relaxation and meditation sessions.

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