Are you looking for a picnic spot in the Rambouillet forest? The Tourist Office gives you the best picnic spots in the Rambouillet forest!

Where to picnic in the Rambouillet forest?

As soon as the sunny days arrive, picnics in the middle of nature make their big comeback for the pleasure of young and old!
And if you take advantage of the prettiest corners of the forest of Rambouillet to lay your tablecloth?
The Tourist Office has unearthed the best spots for you for a successful picnic. Follow the leader !
As a reminder, fires in the forest are strictly prohibited. Thank you for taking away your waste for the preservation and beauty of the forest.

Picnic by the water

Picnic in the forest

The Tower Pond

For a picnic with family or friends, this is an ideal place! On site, you will find 2 car parks, picnic tables and green areas to spread your tablecloth. 
After lunch, beautiful hikes in the forest are available to you towards the Etang d'Or (GR1), the channels of Vieille-Eglise-en-Yvelines or La Celle-les-Bordes.

The pond of the Tower
Picnic in the forest

The ponds of Holland

A picnic break in the cool of the trees and a pond!
Picnic tables welcome visitors but you can also find grass for an authentic picnic.
After lunch, you can take advantage of the Etangs de Hollande leisure center (swimming, beach volleyball, canoeing) or go hiking or cycling to discover the forest and the surrounding villages (Gambaiseuil, Saint-Léger, Montfort- Amaury…)

Leisure center of the ponds of Holland
Picnic in the forest

The Pond of the Cut Throat

A picnic stop at the Coupe Gorge pond is a good idea for cycling enthusiasts. Located on the cycle path linking Rambouillet to the ponds of Holland, it is the perfect place for a break in the heart of nature. 
The GR1C also passes by this peaceful place.

A hiking idea
Golden pond in Rambouillet

The Golden Pond

The golden pond, a good place to put your picnic basket. 
After your lunch break, don't hesitate to walk around the pond or discover the Espace Rambouillet a few kilometers on foot from here. 

Picnic in the middle of the forest

  • In forest
    • Crossroads of Thieves
    • Carrefour du Comte de Toulouse
    • Grand Baliveau Crossroads
    • Vilpert Cross
    • Archet Crossroads
    • Carrefour du Haut Planet
    • At Espace Rambouillet

Picnic in town

  • Rambouillet
    • At the heart of the National Domain
  • Dampierre-en-Yvelines
    • In the Domaine de Dampierre, chairs are at your disposal all around the pond
    • In the English garden, picnic tables await you
    • (Paid entry)
  • Choisel
    • Areas dedicated to picnics are available at the Château de Breteuil


eco gestures

It's always nice to sit in a little corner of nature for a picnic. It is precisely for this reason that we must be careful not to harm this fragile environment.
So when you leave, remember to collect all your waste and leave the place as you found it.

Raising awareness of eco-friendly actions

The Walker's Charter

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