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Report a problem on a hiking or mountain biking circuit

In April 2014, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Life decided to create a similar system, available to all outdoor sports users: Suric @ te.

Any anomaly (deteriorated paths, dangerous or damaged passages, illegal dumping of garbage, defective marking, etc.) is now directly directed to the three targets of stakeholders concerned (delegated federations, General Councils and Youth and Sport Departments), these having to consult together to determine the actor in charge of handling the anomaly. The Suric@te portal allows you to send follow-up messages to interested parties in the processing of the anomaly and to monitor its resolution.

You, users of trails and natural environments, become active in this system today by reporting any anomalies encountered during your hikes. It could not be easier. In one click, access the ergonomic interface set up and select the “Hiking” activity from the drop-down menu. Locate the location of the problem by providing some necessary information (department, nature of the problem, description of the anomaly, etc.).

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