National domain of Rambouillet - castle

A former medieval fortress, the Rambouillet castle was gradually transformed into a pleasure residence and decorated with elegant decorations by its illustrious owners.

Rambouillet Castle

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In the privacy of the president exposure

December 10, 2023 to April 21, 2024

Exhibition in the privacy of the president

Discover the presidential residence of Rambouillet as it was decorated in the 1950s, at the request of President Vincent Auriol.

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Castle - Rambouillet - Flowers

Rambouillet Castle

The spaces unveiled to visitors bear witness to this rich history: now a place of exhibitions, the ceremonial apartment of the Bourbon-Penthièvre family offers the visitor an elegant decor of rocaille woodwork from the 1730s. , the dining room of the presidents recalls the place of the monument in our contemporary history with the reconstitution of the table laid in 1975 on the occasion of the meeting of the first G6.

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Queen's dairy in Rambouillet

The Queen's Dairy

Laid out in the historic gardens of the Rambouillet estate, the Laiterie de la Reine is about 1km from the Château. It was in 1785 that Louis XVI took the decision to build a dairy in Rambouillet, where his wife could taste dairy products as in Trianon. This place, intended for the pastoral meetings of Marie-Antoinette, still contains exceptional works. Entirely restored in 2007, the dairy is a remarkable witness to the Art of Living developed at that time in the aristocratic milieu.

Cottage with shells - Rambouillet

The Shell Cottage

Laid out in the historic gardens of the Rambouillet estate, the Chaumière aux coquillages is about 2km from the Château. In the tradition of the Prince of Condé at Chantilly or of Queen Marie-Antoinette at the Trianon, the Duke of Penthièvre had an English garden laid out in the park of his residence, in 1779-1780, embellished with three factories including a thatched cottage. Built for the pleasure of the Princess of Lamballe, her daughter-in-law, it was completely restored in 2005. It has one of the most beautiful decorations of mother-of-pearl and shells in Europe.


The President arrives - Château de Rambouillet app

The President arrives

Equipped with your smartphone and headphones or headphones, discover the different stages of activating a presidential domain and advise the team leader in his choices. From the color of the porch carpet to the choice of menu for the official lunch: nothing should be left to chance…

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Some photos of the Château de Rambouillet

Chateau - Rambouillet - winter - snow
Rambouillet castle
Chateau de Rambouillet 13 06 2020 OTMS 12 - Rambouillet Tourist Office
Queen's Dairy - Marie-Antoinette - Domaine de Rambouillet
Park - Chateau - Rambouillet - flowers
Rambouillet castle
Rambouillet, canals
Rambouillet castle
  • Rates for self-guided visit Château / Dairy / Thatched cottage (1h30)
    • Full price: 11 €
  • Free visit rates Dairy / Thatched cottage (30 min)
    • Full price: 7 €
  • Opening times
    • Every day except Tuesday
    • 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 13:30 p.m. to 17 p.m.

Possibility of taking part in a guided tour of the château at 10 a.m. and 15 p.m., at no extra charge.
Duration: 45 minutes Attention, limited number of places
No reservation in advance
Free: under 18, under 26 (EU nationals), person with a disability and their companion, job seeker (on presentation of proof).
Free on the 1st Sunday of the month, from November to March inclusive

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